I recently had a family genealogical book repaired by Mechling Bookbindery. The book had many pages loose from the spine because of old age and use. All of the work done on the book by Mechling is solid, tight, and very neat, and the result is a completely restored 1907 book with all pages in tact. There were several fragile onion skin foldouts within the book, and those too were secured carefully and neatly into the spine. The cost of the book repair was very reasonable and I appreciate that in our world of costly repairs. I would not have let this rare book go to just anyone because of its value to our family, but a friend of mine assured me that Mechling was to be trusted. She was right and our family now has a restored and treasured family book that will be around for many generations. A very satisfied customer, Freda McKean, Green Bank, WV.

"Relative to my experience with Mechling Bookbindery and its employees, my wife, Rosalie, and I cannot say enough. The professionalism and courtesy extended us on both this and my previous book has been most welcome. We investigated many bookbinders when selecting a publisher for my first work. The fact that I elected to return to Mechling for my second book is perhaps the best testimony I can offer. I look forward to working with Al Mechling and his staff when I publish my third book in spring of 2015."
Fletcher Ward, Author, Saving Chautauqua’s Muskies, and Chautauqua Lake’s Greatest Race

"I want to thank you for the exceptional service provided by Mechling. I can’t tell you how stressed out I was trying to find a person to design my cover, the interior, the e-books, the printer who would then send it off to a binder. MIND BOGGLING! That being said, I was very happy when Mike Hughes referred me to you. I was amazed that you have everything under one roof, as it should be. Kari [one of Mechling's graphic designers] did a fantastic job. She was quick, efficient and never complained when I asked for changes or alternatives. I look forward to working with her more in the future. The quality of the book is great and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about it. I look forward to the second book in the series. Kari and I have already spoken about it. Thank you for everything."
Leigh Carrasco, Author,

"You have done an outstanding job preparing my books for printing. I am very grateful for your guidance throughout this process. I was a bit overcome with emotion when handed the proofs for the first time. Having that opportunity to see a “hobby writing” project in such a professional form was more of a shock than I expected!"
Marlen Lang, Author

"My experience with Mechling Bookbindery was unsurpassed. A fellow author had recomended Mechling in many glowing terms but "responsive and cost effective" were the two that sold me on trying them for my latest book. I was delighted with the cooperation and the quality of the final product. I will use this wonderful resource for my next book and have already recommended them to two other authors."
Miles Athey, Author

"I found your company a pleasure to work with. They were very professional and very fast. I did not think I would have the final copies available in such short time. I was also pleased with the cost. Your rates were very reasonable. Some friends told me that I could not go wrong with Mechling--and they were so right."

"I have so many good memories over the years with Mechling. In fact, they have become like a second family to me. In addition to being scrupulously honest, they are meticulous publishers. Each volume of my County Chronicles is a top-quality book, from cover to cover. I have received countless compliments on the appearance of my County Chronicles series--books I am proud to put my name to. My readers love the books, and often comment on how nice the Mechling folks are to do business with. It is not only satisfying working with Mechling, it is wholly enjoyable. "
Ceane O'Hanlon-Lincoln, Author/Historian

Just got my books, they are beautiful! Thank you so much.I don't think I told you, but these books are said to have survived 4 San Francisco earthquakes! 1856, 1906, 1948 just minor shocks, & 1989. Although hearsay, it's probably the reason they looked so bad.
Again thank you on a great job my friend.


Got the books today and they look excellent! They arrived in great shape and I am so pleased with the result. Special thanks to Kari for her attention to the images in the book--her efforts are visible everywhere and she made this so much better than I expected! This is my sixth artist book, and the best and most ambitious one so far. I'm looking forward to doing more projects with you and I will recommend you to the other artists I know who do books. Great work, great service. You guys are rare! Thanks so much!

I just received my three Bibles that you made for me.
PERFECT ! I just finished going through each page of all three of them and the workmanship is SUPERB! Most excellent indeed ! I will be SOON, within a couple of weeks, be sending in another order for three more exactly like them. Have to save up some money and will have it soon ! Again, you do not know how much it means to me to have these Bibles. I read through my entire Bible, cover to cover, every month. My first original three were perfect as well...and I still have one of them. I gave two of them away to brothers of mine. BUT that is why I am putting my name on these from now on ! Does away with the temptation to give them away !
Pastor Martin Richling
812-967-8228 OFFICE
The Church of the Living God

"Mechling Bookbindery has provided beautiful custom leather Bible bindings for our ministry since 2008. The craftsmanship, customer service, and prices at Mechling are unmatched."
Dr. Art Heinz, Senior Pastor, Hope Harbor Church

I just received back my Cambridge Turquoise Bible that you had rebound. I am SOOO pleased! Thank you for such excellent work! Please pass along to Jane for me that the craftsmanship is superb and I am thoroughly delighted!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"The four books arrived safely Friday night (7:45pm), but I had been watching for 13 hours. Megan kindly sent me the tracking number, and Friday morning at 6:45am, the website said the books were out for delivery. It might have been the longest day of my life! But they are beautiful! The papers you chose for each of them are exquisite and appropriate (to my mind). Your leather-work, as always, is top-notch. Adding the lines on the spines of the Chapman Homers was brilliant - thank you for that suggestion. The leather titling labels on the spines of the Shakespeare and the Tolkien are exactly what I had hoped for; you and your staff are brilliant. I sincerely hope you derive as much joy from your work as your work provides for your customers. These are the 7th, 8th, 9th, and tenth books you have re-bound for me and I love them! I could rhapsodize for paragraphs but will close with my profound thanks. Thank you."