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Short and Medium Run Hardcover "Case" Bookbinding

The ultimate choice for high quality books is Smyth-sewn case binding. This time-proven method is done by sewing through the fold on signatures (sections of folded sheets) allowing books to open flat. This is typically used for runs of 100 books or more. The pages must be printed in 16- or 24-page signatures. (This type of binding is shown at right.)

Another popular method is fan-fold binding. This glue-only method applies adhesive to both sides of each page while being fanned from one side to the other and then reversed. Resulting in a very strong and durable bond, this type of binding allows the pages to open flat. It can be used on any run length—as few as one book.

Many of our books today are bound using the latest PUR adhesive binding. This modern method is much stronger than standard hot glue and less expensive than either fan-fold or Smyth sewn.

We can both print and case-bind your books—or send us the printed pages and we'll do the rest.

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  • No minimum quantity--as few as one book--or as many as several thousand!
  • Choice of types of hard bindings (described above)
  • A wide variety of cover materials and colors
  • Hot-foil stamping on covers, available in several colors; or full-color digital printing.
  • Special hand-binding for special projects
  • Discount pricing
  • Blind shipping to your customers
  • Personal service
Printers, publishers, other businesses and organizations, as well as individuals have trusted Mechling Bookbindery for two decades to produce high quality book products. Twenty-five years of service has given us the knowledge and expertise needed to assure you of a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Because there are so many options for case binding, we don't list prices here. Please click the link above, email or phone us for a fast quote.